Friday, November 05, 2004

life in these united states

Did I just reference Reader's Digest? I swear officer, it was unintentional.

News For The Masses is now 100% Firefox compatible. Go me!

If you don't go to NFTM right now, you'll regret it. We may get sued over our libel one day, and you'll want to say "I knew NFTM back when it was borderline legal".

You'll probably say it anyway.

Dirty Charlatan.

That's it. New band name alert: S.Foster and the Dirty Charlatans.

Other contenders for names include

  • Bongfish

  • the Mescaline Tacos

  • the Penn Jillette Motherfuckers

More to come later.

Notice how I always say that, but rarely, if ever, deliver. You guys must hate me, if you don't already.

I really don't care about the election, as I have friends in Canada, plus I'm related to several dozen hardcore rednecks with astoundingly huge arsenals of semi-legal assault weapons.

Just like the Scouts always said:
Be prepared, motherfuckers.

Yes, the Scouts said "motherfucker".

I've got no real work to do over the weekend, as no teachers have deigned to assign me anything concrete, but I've got a quiz and a presentation due in two separate classes, so I have to, that's right, BPMF.

Who's that weirdo leaving comments on your blog, Kate? It must be someone you know, but the profile seems legit. Or maybe it's just a complete crackpot ala JS.

I wish I had more wrasslin', but the trades/shills are really slowgoing in the months between holidays. Hopefully business will pick up near Christmas.

Enough blog. Must prepare to best my score on the SAT's tomorrow (1410 single session, 1470 combined). Sure, the test is skewed against minorities (no problems there, for me at least) and is in no way representative of intelligence or academic performance, but it'll be fun.

Everyone post your SAT scores on here, and I shall see if I can beat them.


Blogger Joey said...

I'm a crackpot??? When did that happen?

12:45 PM


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