Sunday, November 07, 2004

firefox rules

I've spent most of the day contemplating Firefox's status of rulingness, and I must say it rules greatly.

With what other browser can I do a search in Google without lifting a finger?

Internet Explorer, at least with the Google toolbar.

But what about Google Image Search?
Altavista and Altavista Image Search?

and many more.

I can do an immediate bandwidth test from Firefox.

I can even do translations and definitions by highlighting and right-clicking.

I wholeheartedly endorse Firefox from this point forward (and added a button on my sidebar so the masses can acquire it).

Why did I ever use IE?

(And the whole "I haven't had any new spyware in about a week" thing is great, too.)

In other news, I've been formulating my Christmas list. Short, really.

Just a PS2, a mod kit, and five or so games.

Plus money. Money's always good.

Took the SAT yesterday. Probably did alright, just because the good-luck omen that is FMJ sat to my right. He probably sucked ass. That's what he gets for waiting till he's a senior before taking it the first time.

(Five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time for me, baby.)

Rhino got into the college of his choice (no, not Athens Bartending College), and I'm happy for him. Now he's just got to survive eight semesters in Atlanta with the massive temptaion of Buckhead in the background.

He'll do alright. I'll probably never see him again after May, though.

JS is still undecided. Guess it's a life of hobo-dom for him!

FMJ is probably going to try to go to UNLV, mostly because of the fact you don't need an SAT to get in, but also because of its proximity to the shirt-losing capital of the world.

I'm just gonna go to the local community college for a couple of years, save some money, and sponge off the rents for a while.

Then, I'll probably become a porn star.

(For those of you who actually know what I look like, the above statement is much, much funnier.)

Speaking of porno, I put my pic in the running for Hot Or Not competition.
No, I will not publish the direct link here, but let's just say there's a very studly 97-year old on there who is worth at least a 9.

Enough blog (and personal embarrassment). Must go watch the finish of the NASCAR race and contemplate my redneck-ness and its juxtaposition with my geekiness.


Blogger Joey said...

Yay hobo-dom! I've been telling my parents that I'm just going to live in a cardboard box outside the house if I have to pay to live in my own home. Since I'mnot going to college and all (sarcasm!).

Yeah, FMJ probably bombed it. HA HA!!

11:12 AM


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