Thursday, November 11, 2004

to infinity and beyond

So, how are you? Good? good.

I updated to Firefox 1.0, so now all my cool-ass extensions have to be redownloaded.

Most are incompatible, like my favorite, the Image Toolbar.

Hopefully any fixes can be put out in the next few days, so I can renew my downloading of por... homework.

Yeah, homework. Let's stick with that.

Speaking of which, the cycle of tests has come around, and I don't have any homework to do for the next couple of days.

Not that I'm complaining.

I'm glad, because calculus has been up my ass something fierce, what with my sterling grade of 60 on that last quiz. Hopefully I either A) did well on the test, or B) did about as bad as I did on the quiz, and so did everybody else.

I actually felt kind of confident on some of the test, so I probably bombed it like Hiroshima.

I finally broke down and registered for DVDVR, instead of lurking like some kind of stalker, like I have been for the past two-ish years.

Poor IWA:MS. According to Dave Meltzer, they lost a good deal of money bringing in bigger names for shows. As such, they'll have to scale down.

I actually think this is kind of a good idea, as it means Ian and Prazak have to come up with better booking to compensate for the loss of name value. I really enjoy the undercard matches with native talent more than (for example) Samoa Joe or AJ Styles matches.

Give me Nate Webb or give me death! (Note to self: put Nate's site on sidebar links column.)

I've been playin guitar more than I used to. I learned three new songs over last weekend, specifically The Cure's "Pictures of You" and "Friday I'm in Love", and Fountains of Wayne's "Valley Winter Song".

Weirdly enough, I've been listening almost exclusively to mashups at the "office". Favorites include Eminem vs. Prodigy "Superman", Destiny's Child vs. The Cardigans "My Favorite Name", and Jet vs. Animal (Muppets) "Are You Gonna be My Animal". Links available upon request.

Everybody's been kind of cool lately. No one's really blown up at me or anybody else. Just as I say that, though, watch something happen.

I'm down to a 4.7 on Hotornot, which I attribute to people recognizing me and putting 1's because they can. What makes it worse is that my stoner midget friend Trey has a 6.7, and he's short and stoned.

Or maybe I'm genuinely just average-looking, instead of the rampaging sex god my ego thinks I am.


Enough blog. Bye, for now.


Blogger Joey said...

Interesting....hmmm.....well, I've heard that Calculus has been a pain for everyone in there so I know what you're dealing with (Geometry flashbacks!!!).

Yes, everyone has been laid back lately, especially Rhino, which is a good thing.

10:46 AM

Blogger Ryan Adkins said...

Laid back is good for Rhino....I'm glad that life has been less hectic and stuff lately. I've been in a really good mood lately is going pretty good!!! Oh...and AP still sucks!

8:07 AM


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