Monday, November 29, 2004

save it for later

Sorry about the hiatus. Holidays combined with projects due for school means no time for blogging.

I rewatched IWA:MS KOTDM 2004 yesterday. I kind of zoned out the first time I watched it, and didn't pay attention to how the matches were laid out.

Man, Tank from NWA Wildside is a damn good worker. Seriously. I almost never get excited by a deathmatch, but his match with Deranged in the first round got me into it. The spots, grisly as they were, made sense in the context of the match. It was really cool to see Tank go for the submission twice, once with the knife to the face and once with the barbedwire STF. And Deranged deserves a lot of credit for taking such abuse, especially the lighttube board to the face.

Yes, you read that right. A knife to the face. Actually it was more the mouth than the face. He bled like a stuck pig.

Corporal Robinson is also one of those guys who gets you into the match, especially in the last match where you can see him go all out to win the (then supposedly) last KOTDM. The brawling around the gym makes total sense, with the various lighttube contraptions sprawled about. He's strangely charismatic, in that he has a great cathcphrase, and he looks like he might snap and kill you.

The catchphrase?

"Fear what you don't understand and hate what you can't conquer, bitch!"

See? Cool.

Necro Butcher is just insane. Anyone with a signature shirt that says "Choose Death" is alright in my book.

The only real lackluster match in the first round was, surprsingly, Webb/Rotten. It should have gone a lot longer, but I understand why it didn't. My problem with it was that there was no psych to the match. No "wrestling" was involved, besides the Arachnid Kick to the back with the lighttubes underneath Ian's shirt. Ian could've busted out some matwork and Nate could've busted out a tumbleweed or two, and it would've been good. As it is, the match could've been a lot better.

Enough wrestling ranting. I really need someone to argue wrestling with. This one-sided review feels empty.

See you later, and try the veal.


Blogger Kate said...

Sigh...if only Stephen would blog about things that normal people who arent wrestling obsessed could follow...

4:52 PM


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