Monday, November 22, 2004

come inside my sugar walls

Stupid television corrupting my mind with highly suggestive lyrics from bad Sheena Easton versions of resolutely filthy Prince songs.

I'm battening down the hatches preparing for the torrential rains coming down on my little trailer. It's already raining pretty hard, and it's the kind that will get worse as the night goes on. This is even worse when you factor in the location of my bed in the house, as it's at a corner of the structure, and (being a vintage 1978 singlewide) it's tinny metal on three sides of me. Makes for a loud and sleepless night.

I've officially submitted the first draft of my Christmas list. Mostly PS2 games, in the hope that I can get a PS2. Other than that, it's CDs for my relatives who think they look trashy by giving me money. Go ahead, look trashy. I can guarantee that I can stretch whatever money you give me into more than the gift you get me is worth. I still have about $150 left over from three Christmases ago.

I'm easily the tightest person I know as far as money goes, just ask FMJ about playing poker. I only go in if I have a straight or better.

The loosest person I know? Probably Kate.

(Just seeing if you're paying attention, buttercup. Don't hit me.)

I've come to the conclusion that Lil' Jon is a genius. He's made a career out of three basic words: yeah, ok, and what. Only in America.

That and he's a great beat composer. I mean, listen to the beat from "Yeah" and try not to at least tap your foot. It's impossible.

Crunk is the best parts of hip-hop and punk mixed together. You can definitely hear the influence of bands like the Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited in the beats. I would go as far as to say I hear a little bit of the Pixies or even Gang of Four swimming in there.

It's almost time for wrestling. It's been an exciting week as far as normal sports go, let's see how "sports entertainment" fares. I predict one massive brawl out into the crowd on Raw, just because they can.

Speaking of wrestling, I never got anything back from JS when I made him the IWA:MS 2004 Deathmatch specialty comp. I'll have to beat him up next time I see him.

Speaking of not getting anything back from trades, I never got the Modest Mouse CD from Rhino. Another beatdown to add to my list.

Speaking of weird friends, today I put together a blog for my midget stoner friend Trey, at Yes, it's an absurdly long URL. We roll like that.

Look for his semi-regular drug fueled rantings to appear in a special guest spot on my site soon.

I'm looking for feedback in any capacity regarding my blog, my site design,or even my sexy, sexy body (6.6 on HotOrNot!).

Let me know how I can serve you better. Feel free to either leave a comment or email me. If you don't, God kills a dozen kittens.


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