Sunday, December 05, 2004

despite all my rage

Yo, what up?

I worked my ass off Friday nightand all of yesterday, for a good thirteen hours of community service. Stupid service based organizations and their service requirements.

Lugging Christmas trees all day is enough to make one seriously consider agnosticism as a lifestyle choice.

I could barely move when I got up today, circa 11:00 AM.

Icy Hot, the poor man's BenGay, was applied vigorously.

For those of you who haven't seen me in person, my body is not exactly designed for the rigors of manual labor. I'm more of a "big picture" physique. It's an "idea" body.

JS and others with broadband might enjoy this more, but here is a contest from a radio station in London, where the contestants are all high school kids (or younger) playing covers of rock songs. I haven't listened to them yet (dialup = grrr), but my favorite is the eight year old tackling "Sunshine of Your Love".

Prayers go out to the family of Esperitu de la Muerte, a Mexican wrestler who died in a tragic accident on the 27th. He went for a flip from the inside of the ring to the floor, and caught his foot on the rope. He died instantly when his head split open on impact. There are two horrible parts to this: his father was the referee in the match, and his opponent (who was supposed to be in position to catch him) was his brother.

I will probably do more song lyric posts in the future, as I got some positive feedback, and it also semi-rips off one of the guys on DVDVR whose blog I like, La Parka Owns You. I was first, though.

Other blogs you might like include Mike Dikk, who never updates, and Mike Sweetser, resident Transformers nerd of DVDVR.

Yes, those Transformers.

He even liked Beast Wars.

He also has a massive porn collection, adding evidence to the theory that all geeks have intense sex drives.

To quote Revenge of the Nerds, "Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex."

Enough blog. Go listen to the Undertones, you miscreants.


Blogger Kate said...

Stephen, because of your inappropriate actions, you're correct guessing privleges have been revoked. Good Day

9:08 AM


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