Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Jet Flying, Limousine Riding, Wheelin', Dealin', Blog Topic Stealing Son of A Gun.

(Bonus points to anyone besides TCF who can spot the ref.)

10 Random Things About Me
1. I have an unnatural affinity for fake fighting in all its forms.
2. I have a huge poster of Black Sabbath over my bed.
3. I watch Conan O'Brin evry day at 7:00 on CNBC
4. I have the complete series of Leisure Suit Larry games (1-7) on my PC
5. I can play nearly every Cure song on multiple instruments
6. I play twelve different instruments, maybe three well
7. I'm one sixteenth Cherokee, fifteen sixteenths straight up honky
8. I'm Asian, but only honorarily
9. I'm straight edge, mostly by coincidence and poverty
10. I eat maybe one meal a day, but thanks to genetics I hover around three bills

9 Places I've visited
1. Myrtle Beach
2. Rock City (TN, not Detroit)
3. Tybee Island
4. Savannah
5. Flowery Branch
6. The bushes outside your windows
7. Winder
8. The Varsity
9. Kate Russell's boudoir

(ed. note: can you tell I don't get out much?)

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. Marry
2. Breed
3. Book one wrestling show
4. Meet Jim Cornette
5. Meet Paul Heyman
6. Meet Vince McMahon
7. Get absolutely shitfaced drunk
8. Retire early

7 Ways for a Girl To Win My Heart
1. Be funny
2. Be smart, but not quite as smart as I am. Or at least pretend for a while.
3. Like Wrestling
4. Be able to quote Family Guy
5. Be zaftig (my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon)
6. Put up with my family at least as well as I do
7. Tolerate pornography in all its incarnations

6 Things I Believe In
1. A thing called love
2. God
3. The resurrection
4. Truth
5. Justice
6. The American Way

5 Things I'm Afraid Of
1. Bears
2. Bugs
3. Loss
4. Emptiness

4 Favorite Things in My Bedroom
1. Mandolin
2. Wrestling tape collection
3. CD collection
4. The chick I keep tied up in my closet

3 Things I Do Everyday
1. Visit every site linked in my blog
2. Eat
3. Breathe

2 Things I'm Trying not to do right now
1. Misspell
2. Not type

Person You Want to See Right Now
1. My Cousin, who's about to ship out to the Middle East

And that's it. Anyone else want to take a stab at the contest? It's thisclose to being over, as KR is twelve thirteenths to the solution.

If you can defeat her in time, she loses the prize. It's on like neckbone!


Blogger Joey said...

Updated my blog with this. I knew you were visiting the bushes outside my window!

8:43 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Stephen darling-When and where are yall's academic bowl playoffs? I know they're at UGA and I know they're the 8th of January (I think) but if I knew a building and a time and whatnot, I might be compelled to come cheer you on and relive some old memories with yall (Bus rides anyone?)

9:09 AM


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