Sunday, January 02, 2005

gouge away

Sorry, I've been busy. Or, rather, I've been playing Spiderman 2. Either way.

Listened to four albums this week: Pixies, Cure, and both early FoW discs.

The Pixies rock totally and completely. "U-Mass" is the great lost wrestling theme song. "Gouge Away" is an anthem for a generation that looks back on its forefathers for anthems. Everything else is also absolute gold. YOU NEED THIS ALBUM. And the Pixies tour shirt that says "Sellout".

The best Cure song ever is "Friday I'm in Love". There may be no better pure pop song. This ranks below the Pixies in must-have-ness, mainly becasue of the inclusuion of a few clunkers and the needless chronological restrictions inherent in 1987-1997. This results in the loss of "Boys Don't Cry", the official theme for weepy dancing at 3:00 AM alone in your room.

And taking a drag on your cigarette every three seconds.

Speaking of weeping boys, the first two Fountains of Wayne albums are not as good as "welcome Interstate Managers". But then again, no album since "Mellon Collie" is that good, so they're forgiven.

Highlights include "Leave the Biker", "Radiation Vibe", "Prom Theme", "Red Dragon Tattoo", and "It Must be Summer" (an inclusion in the last contest, for my astute readers).

I got the ECW DVD in the same shipment as FoW. It makes me want to slice my forehead open with a razor blade.

But in a good way.

Really, it makes me want to get involved in the business side of wrestling more than ever. If anyone reading this needs a booker for their promotion that is completely inexperienced and will work for transportation alone, hit me up with an e-mail.

Right now, I should be either working on my vacation project or an essay for a scholarship application, but I'm really lazy.

Scratch that, I'm motivated to keep my expansive reader base happy.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

But seriously, my hits have been going slightly down for a little while. Maybe I'm just not that interesting anymore? Or maybe all of you suck for not promoting my shit like you should.

5000 hits gets a prize.

Probably in the vein of whatever I gave Kate.

What was that gift again? Oh yes, herpes.

I kid. I kid.

I'm working (admittedly half-heartedly) on getting a message board up and runnning. Since I don't have a domain name or server space, I'll probably make a shitty EZBoard.

That is, unless a kind person with their own domain name wants to hook me up in exchange for advertising revenue and undying affection? Head, I'm looking at you. Give me 50 MB of space and I'll have at least four figures coming in every month. Hope you like porno.

Although, technically, you'd have to shift ownership of the domain to me since I'm eighteen in ten days, and you won't be for a few months. We have to be all legal and shit.

That's enough rambling to keep the masses happy. And visit the Confederate Mack Message Board in lieu of my upcoming one. Folow the link from "Mack's New Hotness" over there on the links column.

Speaking of which, if anyone wants me to "promote" a site by putting a link on my sidebar, email me and I'll put it up there. I guarantee at least five extra hits a day.


Blogger Kate said...

I've decided Im too lazy to pack today so I can move in tomorrow and see yall at Clarke Central Saturday. Im now moving in saturday and being lazy about it. Sorry, maybe yall can come visit me another time.

9:05 AM


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