Sunday, January 16, 2005

simply commercial

I spent about an hour doing promotion work for the blog.

Notice those spiffy new link buttons in the sidebar down at the bottom?

Your donation dollars at work.

Didn't donate?


That's in addition to the four or so hours I spent working for my uncle doing computer setup. Windows ME is truly a curse upon the world. Never try to migrate to XP from an ME.

If you're running ME, do everyone a favor and castrate yourself now. Spare the world your seed. We've got enough idiots, thanks.

And if you're not running SOME kind of AV, just paint the roof of your mouth with buckshot. Really, you've got no business behing a keyboard.

Oh well, ten bucks an hour is ten bucks an hour.

Even though I would've rather done eviction work for my uncle instead. He rents out about ten different houses, and without a doubt every single month he has to evict someone. Fun stuff. My cousins used to go on eviction runs with my uncle and they pulled the coolest stuff from the wreckage.

I missed the Vikings/Eagles game when I was working. Seems like I didn't miss much, though.

I got my tapes from Tom over a week ago and I still haven't got through the first tape. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.

I've updated twice in a week now. It's astounding.

Speaking of updating, KR, send me a link for your xanga.

Unless you just hate me.

Even then, give me the link. I'll be nice and put up a new link.

I've determined that I'm probably not going to take down any old links for a day or two, so if you see something on my list that hasn't been updated in more than two months, say your goodbyes now.

I bid you a-dooby dooby doo.


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