Saturday, January 15, 2005

frito bandito

I got my masks in yesterday, while I was sleeping off a nasty stomachache. Super Calo and Lizmark. Go Googling for pics. I'm too lazy.

For my Star Student pic in the Yearbook, Perry is wearing the Lizmark and I'm wearing the Super Calo, so my hair sticks out. Took a little bit of adjustment, as the Calo mask is clearly not meant for the head of an American of hearty Anglo stock.

Luckily, I don't think I missed much yesterday at the old prison yard. If I actually did, somebody tell me. JS, RA, get on it.

Tallying up birthday money, I got roughly a hundred dollars, thirty of it from my paternal grands, fifty from my godmother, and ten each from two sets of aunts and uncles. Plus some stuff I ordered myself off of Amazon, a Rush bootleg (5/17/94 Toronto) from JS, and the aforementioned masks.

All of you who didn't get me anything, you just made the list. When I am ruler of the Multiverse, you will be forced to use the non-EZPass lane on toll roads. Should've got me something.

My dashboard Jesus will arrive shortly. Thanks to Frisco Robby D.

Message Board? What message board? That one on the sidebar, the first link? No, no one ever goes to it. Why do you ask?

I slept till noon yesterday, then played Madden 04 for most of the day. I threw out any standard playbook, and instead run six different completely new formations, with such names as Spade, Diamond Back, Evolution, Asimov, Heinlein, and Triangle. Some of these you can probably figure out. Others are just weird.

As far as my play style? With my created teams (Las Vegas Lightning, Vancouver Vandals, Anchorage Arachnids, Mexico City Maulers), I do a West Coast style, with no wide receivers. How? Halfbacks and TE's with really good hands. It's mutated, but it works extremely well.

With actual teams, I use a smashmouth style, running up the gut three out of four downs.

Well, that's enough. I will sleep in for the next two days. I woke up at 7:45 this morning since I slept so much yesterday.

MLK Day All The Way!


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