Saturday, January 22, 2005

figure it out

Usual deal. Figure it out, get a prize. Could be real, could be internet. Spin the wheel, make the deal.

No matter what, you're not getting a Coal Miner's Glove match with Sting and Jake Roberts.

Here goes:

SF GL/ED/MU/AT d- s+;++ a---/? C++ UL-- P? L E? W+++ N+ o K- W+ O? M- V? PS+/+++ PE++ Y++ PGP t+ 5 X+ R+ tv++ b++++ DI++++ D+ G+++ e/+++/* h! r y+/**


Guesses can be sent to here. Bonus points for catching the reference above.

I added another batch of links and ads on the site. Too bad none of them make me any money. If I can ever get a credit card, that will change. AdSense here I come!

Click on as many of the links as you feel necessary.

And by that, I mean all of them.

I played Tekken 4 today for the first time since Christmas. Is it me or did they spend so much time on certain new characters that they forgot to make the older ones (Kazuya in particular) as interesting or as moveset intensive. Steve Fox has like 125 moves while Kaz only has 65. I call shenanigans.

I had two or three different people come up to me IRL to show support for my last post. Either I'm a local celebrity and I didn't know it, or this just really struck a nerve with some people. Either way is good for me.

Visit my board. Now. I mean it. I'm getting sad. Everytime you pass up an opportunity to post on there, God kills a really cute kitten. I think he burns them alive. Do you want that on your conscience?

As for tomorrow's NFL games, go Falcons and go Steelers. I want to see Roth vs. Vick: The War to Settle The Nonexistant Score.

More than that, I have a deep, unrelenting, logic-defying, hate for the Pats, and I am completely indifferent to the Eagles.

Click on the links. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Just a quick notice: I am not in the business of selling, nor have I ever sold, any copies of tapes copyrighted by Ring of Honor Wrestling. Read my tape list, if you have a copy, and you will see the disclaimer clear as day at the top stating "I DO NOT SELL COPIES OF TAPES FROM ACTIVE PROMOTIONS. These companies deserve your dollar more than I do. Please support these promotions directly to allow these companies to continue providing entertainment."

Besides, I think ROH kind of sucks anyway. I have some tapes, and it blows in my opinion. I will take IWA:MS any single day of the week. I like the smallest IWA:MS show better than the biggest ROH show. I'm a big fan of undercard matches, and have been since I got started in the game with WCW. I never liked the Main Event compared to the openers. IWA:MS has a much more fun to watch undercard, with people like Double C, Eddie Kingston, and Nate Webb, doing their kind of match. I am just not that entertained by the workrate marks. It has its place, but not for an entire show. Give me goofy people to root for like Nate Webb. Give me people like Ian Rotten who's bled and bled for my enjoyment. Give me people who make me believe like Dusty Rhodes. Sure, I also like the pure technical guys like Chris Hero, but I like Arik Cannon better because he mixes up the technical ability with fantastic heeling and expression. It's supposed to be a circus. RoH is too much of one or two things for me. IWA:MS provides flyers, matwork, brawlers, hardcore, comedy, and spot monkeys. I like IWA:MS better. Plain and simple.

Wow, that went on for too long. Sorry. I promise not to do that for a couple of days, at least.

Click on the links. They're pretty. And shiny.

Enough for now. Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Man, that narrows it right down, don't it?


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