Sunday, February 13, 2005

sweet, sweet victory

Sorry for my absence, but I've been trying to maintain somewhat of a life.

In my case, that means trying to get ten-year-old PC games to work.

I've got a fully functioning copy of Oregon Trail up and running through DOSBox, and it's sweet. All of the old school gameplay that we know and love.

That makes Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail, Leisure Suit Larrys 1-5, Stratego, and various D&D games that I've got on my computer. Smell the geekiness.

I really want to get a functioning copy of Apprentice or some other M:TG game. I'm too lazy to actually dig out a deck, and plus I'm not sociable enough to get a RL game going. I don't want to bother playing online, either. I want a competent AI opponent. It's not that much to ask for, is it?

I went out and bought two old PS2 games, THPS3 and NHL2001. Nothing beats old games at 10% of the price. After unlocking all of THPS3, it looks promising. I've still got to get back into my old skills, though.

Haven't cracked NHL2001 open yet. I'm not expecting much, but it was only $1.99. I should get my money's worth.

Now, on to the wrestling. I am still watching TPI 2004, and I haven't even gotten past the first round.

I LOVED Strong/Joe. I've never really liked any Joe matches before, but I liked Strong. Roderick brings a believable sense of psych to the match.

Joe was great in this, giving when he should have and getting when he should have. He bumps great for a big man (note: for those unacquainted with Samoa Joe, he's my size, but he can do somersault flips from the inside of the ring over the ropes to the floor. Impressive to say the least). And,. as usual, he delivers some of the stiffest (note: not fake) punches, chops, and kicks I've ever seen, in wrestling or out.

Roderick really impressed me here, with his ability to hold the match together with a well-timed hope spot or huge bump. His kick to the face at the end was brilliant, and I was standing up and shouting right along with the crowd, despite my location watching on tape.

In other matches, Double C vs Nigel was good, but should have been given more time. I like my matwork wacky and European-based, and there was tons of it here. Double C is the new hotness. He's a great cocky heel (see the other quad shot shows if you don't believe me) and he's got a good technical base that is reminiscent, yet not derivative, of Hero.

Enough wrasslin'. I doubt any of you read that, or if you did, understood much of it. You all need some old Nitro tapes stat, to make you all remember when you liked wrestling.

Remeber when tape trading was fun, and not a constant run from the promotions? Oh yeah, that's when the promotions actually made enough money on the gate to support themselves. Never mind. Bad business models galore. Just keep in mind that you can't copy a live experience, and you can actually get people to come to shows if you promote it in the area, whether it be TV or flyers or radio giveaways or whatever.

Also, I should probably get a group of friends together to go up to Cornelia to Wildside. From what I hear, it may be too late already. Not that I could actually convince anybody that I know to go, anyway.

I've been having really vivid dreams lately (sometimes about you, my wonderful readers), and they're split 50/50 between disturbingly realistic and Dali-esque surrealism. What's weird is that the realistic ones are scarier than the off the wall ones.

No more psychoses and neuroses. If I get around to it, I've got some poetry to put up here, that I think is pretty good and, when I showed it to someone whose opinion I respect, told me I should submit it to the Georgia Young Authors contest. Iambic Pentameter rules the school, bitches.

I'm officially signed up for Gainesville, and my major is English. Now I just have to worry about actually graduating and not screwing myself over before August.

Four day weekend next weekend, and I'm excited about it. I'll have a chance to set up that farking computer that's been sitting in my living room for a week and a half. It's not really setting up the computer that's the hard part, but it's moving all the furniture to get to the computer that is the pain.

Later, biznatches.


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