Saturday, February 26, 2005


Hello, world. I am somewhat sorry for the delay. I have been hellaciously sick for most of the week, moreso than usual.

It all started last week, as documented in the post from last Saturday. Sore throat, dizziness, nausea, and all the other great stuff that comes for me when my allergies act up. It's actually the way my sinuses are constructed: fluid builds up in my sinuses from allergies or whatever, then drains into both my ears (normal) and my stomach (not so normal). As a result, whenever I get a cold, it runs for about a week, because the stomach part of it lasts for five days longer than the actual cold.

ANd I'm essentially deaf for a couple of weeks due to the draining. It feels like I'm underwater. like that pressure in your ears.

I spent Monday in bed, mainly because it was a holiday and I generally don't do much on holidays, but also due to the cold.

Tuesday, I was supposed to go back to the coal mines, but I was just hitting the stomach part of the illness combo. So, I slept till 12:30 instead.

Wednesday, I go back to the sheep factory and find out that, no I didn't really miss anything, and no, missing today wouldn't have really mattered either. Or the rest of the week.

So went my week. The other two days are nothing. Today I watched Night 2 of the TPI and some of the Ric Flair DVD. That's about it.

As a consequence of my illness and accompanying insomnia, I've watched something like 50 hours of either ESPNews or Sportscenter. I can probably tell you the complete box score of any game in the past week, any sport you like.

My room is now complete geek heaven. My comp is sitting on my nightstand, monitor facing my bed so I don't even have to roll out of bed to play games or check my email. Or my website, which no one ever seems to check. Comments, people, comments. And hits. Communication in any form would be nice.

Watching TPI today, I realize something: there are actually people out there in worse physical condition than I am. Namely, Iceberg from NWA:Wildside. The man has to weigh 600 pounds. He gives me hope, in that I could concievably become a wrestler if I so chose. I am similar in physique to Tank, the worker of the team. I'm actually thinner than he is, too. Scary.

Speaking of wrestling, I have to write and perform a monologue for my Drama class. I know I'm going to do a promo, but I'm not concrete on the situation. I'm leaning towards "unbalanced face gets title stolen, describes how he will exact his revenge on the sneaky, underhanded heel". Also, I'm really partial to the "cocky-ass heel champion who isn't scared of the new blue-chip babyface gunning for his title". Then again, there's the simplest one for me to do, the one that actually fits my personality: Arn Anderson style. Slow, methodical, intricately detailed promo dancing around the subject till the end, where it all wraps up and genuinely gives you chills.

I really should try to convince either Ryan, Vince, or Ferrell to go down to Cornelia and see about getting some training. They might really like it. Or, they might really hate it.

I could do the psychological part of the job, but with the physical stuff I would falter. I can already plot out a match with a really good flow, with good psych and good timing, but it doesn't do me much good if I can't physically perform.

However, it works for Iceberg, and he seems to be getting some good bookings (NWA:W, IWA:MS, some mid-west indies, various little southern indies).

I'd make a kick-ass manager, though. And an even better announcer. (Anybody need a good hand who's familiar with digital editing, audio production, acting, and will work for peanuts and the opportunity to succeed?)

Most importantly, it might be fun, and it would prevent me from having to say "I could've been" later on.

We've reached the end of my ranting for the day. Check back soon, cause I plan to update more than I'm doing. I'll post results to personality quizzes if I have to.



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