Thursday, March 17, 2005

while my DJ revolves it

Man, Vanilla Ice is the great lost rapper of the 90's...

Aw, even I can't keep a straight face with that one. Ice sucked, save for a knack for good samples.

Anything Ice did, the Beasties did before with a sense of humor. Plus, MixMaster Mike made better beats overall.

"Slice like a ninja, cut like a razorblade." That's poetry right there.

What's weird is that if you printed it up in a folio edition, you could probably get at least one college to put it in the curriculum as part of their "Radical American Poets of the Late 20th Century" course.

I firmly believe that most poetry of the past 100 years is an elaborate joke. I know I couldn't write "The Red Wheelbarrow" without a smirk on my face.

We spent three days analyzing that stupid three-stanza poem. Why?

Shirts are available, just let me get them printed off and packaged. Email me for prices and other inquiries. Ideas can be submitted to the usual place.

More shirt ideas:

Picture: Rhino

Underneath: "Grrr..."

It's esoteric. Maybe you wouldn't understand.

Picture: A man kicking a donkey

Underneath: "Don't Kick My Ass"

I'm stretching now. More later.


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