Friday, March 18, 2005

breaking my back

just to know your name.

Listen to the remix, not the original. It's so much better.

It's rare that a remix is better than the original, at least in the rock world. Rap is a completely different animal.

There are only a few remixes that I like better than the original: the above mentioned one, the Cure's [closet remix] of "Close To You", and a couple more on "Galore" that take the beat and add a little something to it that alters it to make it more danceable.

Generally, I don't like wholesale remixes, like the Killers one or pretty much any Paul Van Dyk mix. I like to hear the song that it's supposed to be, if that makes any sense.

Personally, if I make a mix or a mash, I'll take the song I want to mix to start with, then add one instrument, be it a bassline or a drum beat, from the "donor" song, then adjust the tempo, and repeat till I have no more than three instruments from the donor and all of the instrumentation from the original.

I don't subtract, I add.

Then again, minimalist mixes can be good, too. If you stripped Sabath down to a bassline and a drumbeat, it would still sound good.

As long as you added more tambourine.

Enough for now, more later.


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