Thursday, April 14, 2005

randomly generated

My Iraqi Leadership name: al-Sadi Abd al-Khaliq Fulayyih Abd al-Sattar Rashid

Ghetto name: Wankmaster Teapot, Yo

Pretentious Gay Gentlemen name: The Honorable Mortimer J. Smotherstone Esq. of Westminster

Damned Hippie name: Peace Brodderick

Cantankerously Nostalgic Old Coot name: Eugene T. Yoodermeister

Ethnic Stud name: Esteban Esteves

Very British name: Terrance Butcher

Mormon name: Benteen Rossiter

Vampire Name: Aelfric Fey

(Known in some parts of the world as: Incubus of Bats and Shadows)

Thanks to Rum and Monkey for most of these.


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