Sunday, April 24, 2005

sold american

I've got an announcement to make:

Currently, I've got around 9300 hits. At the rate I'm going, I should hit the magical five figures by the middle of May. (If I don't, I blame each and every one of you personally.)

Whoever gets the magical 10000th hit (and can provide a screenshot, preferably) gets a super-duper prize.

That prize?

The first (and perhaps only) S.Foster Original T-Shirt.

There are several designs available, to be announced later. Expect midgets and cryptic messages galore.

The first run will be made cheap, so everyone who wants one can buy one. My price will only cover cost.

I will ship anywhere in the world, even to my friends at American Forces Antarctic Network-McMurdo, Antarctica's only cable television station. Six channels and nothing's on. More information available here.

I read the entire run of X-Men 2099. For the non-comic geeks out there, it was a failed early 90's experiment by Marvel Comics to shake up the continuity. It lasted two and a half years, selling miniscule amounts.

The story telling is really good, especially considering the number of readers. Typically, when a major company's title has that few readers, the quality goes downhill pretty quick.

Here, it was more of a gradual decline, never really dropping that much, leading to a bit of a rushed final angle with Darkson and Skullfire.

Skullfire is a really interesting character, but he needed maybe ten more issues of exposition to get to his final spot. It just seemed kind of rushed.

I also read the first book of Maus, which everyone needs to read, and the first few Miracleman issues, which are really disturbing and really good. It's more of a realistic take on superheroes, and it's deliciously sinister.

Can you tell I have access to some torrents now?

And does anyone have full access to Z-Cult FM they'd like to share?

Enough for now. More later. Bye.


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