Monday, April 18, 2005

station blues

Why is it so bright out here? Who told the sun to come up? That's not standard operating procedure! Somebody file a bug report!

Wait, nevermind. I'm still hallucinating.

In case you were wondering, yes, I have spent the entire weekend on the internet.

I love you, BitTornado.

I've just been handed a note: apparently I have to go to an interview on the 22nd to the Chamber of Commerce to get a scholarship. I have to "plan to dress professionally". Does that mean I should break out the suit or just go with the ever popular "khakis and dress shirt" combo?

Did you have to do this one, Kate? Sounds familiar for some reason.

I've got the first live show of the new NiN tour. Anyone who wants a copy, hit me up. I've a feeling that WillBot may want this one, but anyone else, have at it.

BellSouth is coming out tomorrow to fix our DSL connection. It keeps randomly dropping out, plus it takes twenty minutes to connect most times. Then again, yesterday it only dropped twice in twelve hours.

I do, however, hate dealing with Indian tech support people. Again. Fourth one in four days. Americans need jobs, too.

Later, all.


Blogger Kate said...

You honestly think I did anything that required effort? Especially when it came to scholarships. Definitely bypassed that one, like I did most of them except the Optimist one, since I was the only eligible person.

10:32 AM


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