Tuesday, May 03, 2005

minimum wage

I'm having one of those days. Nothing's gone particularly wrong, but something's not quite right.

I know I'm going to crash after this week, but I can't let myself get sick before Friday. I've got too much to do, such as two separate final projects, an AP test, and various and sundry responsibilities.

And If Adam Pitts were reading this, he would throttle me, as I used his least favorite redundant expression ever in "various and sundry". But I digress.

One word album-review time: Today, I listened to Dre's Chronic (swank!), Coheed and Cambira's last album (ball-squeezerific!) and the Replacements' Tim and Let it Be (indie-tacular!).

Wow, I thought it would be easier to do one-word reviews. I've never been what you'd call succinct, though, so it shouldn't surprise me. I just didn't think I'd have to resort to neosyllogisms for two of them.

Also, I finished reading Transmetropolitan (why doesn't everyone read this and accept Spider Jerusalem as their personal lord and savior?) and started reading Barry Ween: Boy Genius [(man, that weird guy from RW: SF sure can write a good funnybook!) and (why doesn't Jimmy Neutron curse more often?)].

But seriously, if they ever option a BW:BG cartoon, I'll buy three copies of the DVD. Only if they leave the ten-year-olds-cursing in, though. And only if its on Adult Swim.

So, to close, I'll leave you with this exchange:


Barry: Say, Mr. Goldblatt, if you tell people that you saw a dinosaur being chased down Elm Street by two ten year olds in a Bronco they'll think just two things...

Goldblatt: Alzheimer's and nursing home.

Barry: Right.

Goldblatt: I didn't see nothin'.

Barry: Thanks.

Goldblatt: Have a good one.

Barry: You too.


Goodnight, everybody.


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