Tuesday, June 28, 2005

st. elmo's fire

After the resounding response to my last music post (*crickets chirp*), I decided to spice the template up a bit.

I introduce to you the offical suplexmasta.blogspot.com mascot, Dave the Penguin. He's way down there at the bottom, but he's there.

I got a reprieve at work on Monday. I signed in to my work station, checked my work email, and saw that the overbosses had said "no mas", and that I had done more than enough work to satisfy their needs. So I'm done for the near future.

Which means three things:
  1. I no longer have to get up at the crack of dawn and toil at a keyboard all day
  2. More time on the internet looking at pornog... err, educational material
  3. I no longer get paid the big bucks
Well, two out of three ain't bad.

I'm already feeling the weight of summertime boredom again, but this time I have a big stack of money facing me down while I'm there, tempting me to go blow it all on something useless, like a Time-Life Collection of Scandinavia's Greatest Folk Songs, available on fourteen CD's for the low, low price of seven easy payments of $39.95!, plus $712.42 shipping and handling, sorry no C.O.D.s.

I guess I need to go look for a car. Anyone want to help out a poor college kid find a half-decent automobile that will last for four or five years? I've got maybe three grand, and I'm not too picky, just an automatic with A/C and less than 150,000 miles. Preferably a four seater with good gas mileage (20+).

I also accept donations made out to the "Get an Internet Superstar Some Damn Wheels Foundation", c/o suplexmasta@gmail.com.

I need to get a PayPal account, too. Maybe I could drum up a little money through the literally ones of visitors I get a day. Put a little donation box in the corner, then rig a pop-up to come up every 45 seconds or so to remind you to donate.

No, that would be annoying.

I just might do it then.

In other news, decode the secret message:


x D6E FA 2 ?6H AC2?< I2?82[ ;FDE :? 42D6] %96 E:A\@77 D9@F=5 36 E96 FD6 @7 42C?6J =2?8F286 :? E96 AC@7:=6[ 3FE E92EVD 72:C=J @3D4FC6 6?@F89 E@ <66A >@DE A6@A=6 @77 @7 E96 EC2:=] $2J 96==@ E@ E96 ?6H Q6>A6C@CQ :? E@H? H96? J@F D66 9:>] xVG6 8@E 2 ?:46 4@?G:?4:?8 3242<6 DFC6 E@ FD6 :E DA2C:?8=J[ D@ 2D ?@E E@ CF:? E96 >28:4] x 2=D@ ?665 E@ >2<6 :E D66> >@C6 =68:E>2E6 3J 5@:?8 >@C6 C68F=2C A@DED] |2J36 x D9@F=5 ;FDE 92?5 :E @77 E@ y@6J @C D@>63@5J]


No prize for decoding, but keep it under your hat if you figure it out. It's still fairly obstruse, even once you decode it.

And no, it's not in Klingon, although I do know of a good translator.

That should do it for a while.

Adios, and remember, "6>A6C@C D@4<@ :D J@FC 7C:6?5"


Blogger Twiggy said...

Hey dude. The only advice I can give you about car shopping and whatnot is: use carmax/automax (they're your best friend), and never forget the class'es of the newspaper. Um...also..don't feel hesitant about calling a dealership...that's how I got mine. Be patient. =)

10:02 PM

Blogger cHiCkA said...

lol ok andy's been looking for "the" car forever...but if you're not too picky autotrader.com does good...you enter make model year and price range and it spits back a huge mass of cars for you to choose from...so good luck! see ya later tater...and i'd like for you to stalk me one more time to find the other grad picture because my mom wants them lol

4:05 PM


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