Monday, May 30, 2005


I've learned that real life sucks and work is hard.

I don't hate my job, but it could be a lot better if I could have a conversation with someone while doing it.

I'm sitting there, hunched over my keyboard, peering at a glaring monitor reluctant to give up its secrets, and my mind is on autopilot.

I start listing random facts in my head to keep me somewhat alert, which is fairly entertaining due to my eidetic memory. (I don't forget, much like the metaphorical elephant.) I start listing the lineages of title belts from long ago, when I commited to memory all of the lineages on Masanori's puroresu site. I can tell you all fo the FMW Brass Knuckles title holders, in order, but hey, that's not really a marketable skill.

I try to think up back stories for various characters I'm trying to piece together for a series of short stories.

"Series of short stories", by the way, should read "comic books", but I need a reliable artist to deliver my tales to the masses, since I have the artistic skills of a semi-bright chimp. Any takers?

I spin entertaining domain names out, then check them at WHOIS to see if they're available. Sadly, nearly every permutation of the word "slobberknocker" is still available. I expected better.

Mostly, I listen to music, either through the miracle of LAUNCH or the quasi-majestic fury of WIndows Media Player's radio tuner. I listne to either hardcore techno or gangsta rap. They're pretty much it for keeping me awake.

I'm just glad I haven't got the NO-DOZ habit.

Maybe I should just ingest a lot of caffeine before saddling up the old office chair.

I've got a lot of time to think, since the job is so monotonous. I play "What If?" a lot, but with the way my imagination works, it's never too pleasant. What can I say, some can only see the "good" in people, but mostly I can only see the "bad". Relative terms, by the way.

Really, I'm preparing for a life of monotony.

(And let's see Adkins top this post for most depressing, once he gets back from his bountiful bevy of Bahamian beauties.)

In closing, some people have under-developed senses of humor, some people are too uptight, and "Quasi-Majestic" would make a great album title.

Just saying.

Party's at five instead of three. Be there or not.


Blogger Joey said...

Yes, Adkins has a very depressing xanga. Sorry bout the job situation, but at least you have a job. Adios.

9:00 PM

Blogger cHiCkA said...

Oooo drawing would be fun...especially for comic books! hehehe

9:57 AM


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