Tuesday, June 14, 2005

hey boy, hey girl

Server went up today, so my ass was firmly entrenched in the office chair, putting out fires before actually starting work. So, I completed maybe half of what I usually get done. They changed the inventory system, so I had to rework MY system to coincide with their new system. Now I'm half as efficient, but the server did get upgraded so it moves a little faster.

Speaking of speed, my internet connection has been subpar lately. No drops, but just really laggy speeds. Could be the five gigs of stuff I'm currently "acquiring" and the fact that my router makes me unconnectable as far as BT goes, but it stil shouldn't be this slow. I'll do a virus check on all three comps, but it's probably my huge D/L and general lag. I really need to reconfigure my router and/or get a new one that doesn't act as a DHCP server. Need to work and earn money first, though.

I made my appointment for my license test today. August 7th. Thank God I shouldn't have to take the written test again, but the driving portion is fear-inducing enough as it is. I'm going to the Athens site, so if anyone has any particular advice for that course, let me know. I'm pretty good, except I need to work on parking and parallel parking in particular. What's weird is I make great left turns, but my right turns suck.

Eh, I hate driving anyway. Necessary evil and all that.

I read the Invisibles completely over the weekend, during my unscheduled work sabbatical. Man, he just got "weird for weird's sake" at the end of it. I still don't understand issues 12 through 1 completely, and I'm pretty much a master of comic books, occult paraphernalia, and British literature. The first two volumes were great, though.

I find myself listening to more and more gangsta rap lately. I got the entire B.I.G. discography, and I really really like most of it. The parts without the overpowering Puffy influence, mostly. I can't stand his constant "uh, yeah, uh, yeah" bit.

I need a combination of caffeine and bad gameshows to start my day, so I grab a cup of coffee (3+3) and an episode or two of either Match Game or Family Feud on GSN. Richard Dawson is the fucking man, and I include both the game show host and the newly-engaged DVDVR poster in that statement. Seems like everyone I know is either getting hitched or pregnant these days. Fine by me, because I like weddings (bachelor parties) and babies (my crazy-uncle tendencies).

I rediscovered the greatness that is Kirby. No, not the former Minnesota Twins slugger, but the delightful pink puff of air that is HAL Laboratories' Kirby. That is easily the best NES game ever. Yes, it beats out Zelda. Yes, it beats out Golgo 13. Yes, it beats out Super Mario Brothers 1-3.

To combat boredom today, I listened to Sabu's shoot interview. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who is just more interested in doing his job than making friends. He seems like he'd be fun to smoke out with, as evidenced by him smoking a joint most of the way through the interview. Tomorrow I'll probably listen to some old Meltzer interviews or the Jeff Hardy shoot.

I read both Missy Hyatt's book and Roddy Piper's first book. Missy seems like a few of my female friends, for better or for worse, and Piper reminds me of a lot of my relatives on my dad's side, for better or for worse. Piper's theory on "the sickness" is spot-on, in my mind, and he seems like a prime candidate for finally explaining it. He saw several people die before his eyes, both figuratively and literally, and he put the threads together. Kerry Von Erich is the most striking example of it, but not the only one.

You know something's wrong when, out of five Von Erich kids that made it to adulthood, three definitely killed themselves, one probably killed himself, and only one is alive to tell the tale. All of the deaths occured within nine years of each other, too. More information is available at Wikipedia, for those that aren't familiar with all of the details.

Wow, didn't mean to end that one on such a downer. More later when I get time between new glasses, working, driving, and trying not to smash three computers with my bare hands.


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