Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I am updating out of a combination of boredom and necessity. I need to update more often, but I haven't gotten around to it until now because my boredom hasn't reached it's zenith until now.

I bought a set of King of the Cage DVD's that I've been watching (10 discs for $12 is a sweet deal no matter how you cut it), plus I got the Transformers game for PS2 at Circuit City on Sunday in their annual $10 sale.

Sadly, the real game I wanted, the GTA3/VC double pack, was nowhere to be found. It's normally $35, but it was lumped in with the other $10 games. I should have ordered it online, but I didn't think about that until it was too late.

The TF game is fun, but I wouldn't have bought it at full price. Then again, I wouldn't buy ANY game at full price these days. I can't justify spending $50 on a silly game.

I also ordered a cell phone on Sunday, so maybe now I can enter the 1990's. Virgin had a deal where you buy the phone for $24.99, and you get a free top-up included, plus free shipping. So I get a fully functional cell with minutes already on it for less than a meal for four.

I need to get some ringtones, but I refuse to shell out money for them. i guess I'll scour the net and see what's out there for an enterprising young pseudo-hacker like me. I can't remember: do Kyoceras have a manual midi input option like certain Nextels do?

I'll probably settle for the basic "ring-ring", though. I'm lazy like that.

I'm halfway through "The Fighter's Notebook", which is the supposed "bible" of MMA. I'm pretty sure I can't really do anything physical with the knowledge that I didn't have, besides defend against a single-leg shoot, but it makes watching MMA fights a little more entertaining when you see which positions lead where and how they try to chain transitions.

I read all of "Earth X" and "Universe X" today, and I'll read through "Paradise X" tomorrow. I also got a complete collection of "What-If?" comics, so I'll be slagging through those this week.

If I'm going to devote this much time reading the damn things, I should probably try to get paid for it, right? I'll see what freelance review opportunities there are. Maybe get a few dolla-dollas.

Enough for now. Remember, if you want it, you can have it, but you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it.


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wow...you are bored lol...

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