Tuesday, September 06, 2005


All you need to know about Gainesville Colege: in my College Algebra class on Friday, the teacher handed out a take-home test. It consisted of three pages. The first page had ten problems. The second and third pages had the complete solutions for each of these problems.

Music Appreciation continues to be a joke. He's knowledgable, sure, but that doens't mean the class is very interesting. I love how he'll go on an hour-long tangent about some obscure fact, then sum it all up with "But you don't need to know that for your test". On the other hand, hey, no homework. He's already said he refuses to assign papers to write on the grounds that "at this level, they wouldn't be of any substance and would be more busywork than anything". Lazy and fairly unmotivated. My kind of teacher.

So in the downtime between classes, which is plentiful due to my Government teacher either not showing up or not teaching for more than a half-hour, I've been doing a lot of calculator programming (TI-83 plus, represent), and a lot of Sudoku puzzles. I've got a nice little version of Connect Four, plus a two player version of Boxes. Boxes is hard to explain, but if you go to Yahoo Games, it's under the name "Dots". More fun to play in person, but only if you're intensely bored.

At the Labor Day cookout my extended family had yesterday, I got to watch my year-old cousin for most of the day. He's smart as a whip (runs in the family), and he's just learned how to walk, so he's now capable of getting in all kinds of trouble. He's also the first cousin of mine that really wants anything to do with me as a baby. He's weird in that he refuses to be held by any woman except his mother, but he'll go to any male and be as happy as can be. He even went to my other cousin's husband, who defineitely hasn't had much to do with any of the kids, owing solely to the fact he's the newest member of the family.

Gas prices have finally leveled out, which I thankfully found out last night when I went for my weekly fill-up. When I went in to pay, who should I find cleaning the slurpee machine but good old Charlie Head. He is even lazier than me, as he isn't even going to school. He works a couple of hours a day at the BP in Statham, and that's it. I should go to his house (he lives around the block from me) and beat some sense into him.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the Administration building at GC, where hopefully they will cut me a big fat check for all of the leftover financial aid I received. See kids, applying for every scholarship you can lay your hands on is a pretty good strategy. I got money from all over, and what's left after paying tuition goes directly to me. Did I mention GC only costs about $3000 total for a year? "Hey, Dirty, baby I got your money..."


Blogger Kate said...

Since you're getting all this money, might you be interested in my 3rd Foo Fighters Ticket for Thursday? I've got feelers out in a few places, but if you are or know someone that would be, it's $45

8:51 PM

Blogger Kate said...

oh, and its first come first serve, so email me if you're interested and I'll base it on what time I get what emails.

8:51 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

Eep. Two tests on Friday, one of which is going to be a pain, which means I probably need to study. Sorry, but sadly school comes first. Maybe next time?

The only people I can think of who might want to go are Joey and Twiggy.

10:13 PM


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