Wednesday, September 07, 2005

drunken angel

My contempt for mankind as a whole has lessened considerably, after my visit to the Financial Aid office. Let's just say that gas can go up all it wants, and I'll still have enough left over for just about anything I'd want (except a new car).

I have officially reached the point where someone in your peer group gets married, and you realize that you're actually an adult now. Somebody I graduated with, somebody I went to kindergarten with, even, is getting married this weekend. I feel all old and dessicated.

I suppose the next step is when someone my age has a kid, but that's already happened several times.

Divorce, maybe? That's probably the real next step. When someone from my peer group gets divorced, then I'll definitely know it's time to hang it up, as far as youth goes.

I've been lax in my guitar regiment lately, but I made up for it with a Tom Petty power hour. "Breakdown", "Into the Great Wide Open", "American Girl", "Walls", and "Even the Losers" are all in my repertoire. Plus Black Sabbath's "N.I.B.", but only on bass.

Here's a question for all three of my readers: when you drive to school/work, what do you listen to? I find myself listening to what used to be Z93, but is now Dave FM. God help me, but the Jack format is growing on me. Granted, I can only hear Sting so many times before I turn to 95.5 The Beat, but still, for the drive home, nothing is better (or gets better reception, more to the point) than Mara Davis's noon show, Radio Free Lunch. I like the theme of the day concept, because it doesn't seem as forced as other formatted shows. If they played more rap (or any rap), they'd be my number one station ever.

But really, lay off Sting and the Police. No one needs to hear "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" more than once a lifetime, much less once a day.


Blogger Kate said...

My driving music currently consists of the new Peter Cincotti, the new Foo Fighters, Tom Petty's greatest hits, Maroon 5, and CCR. I like a random mix. heehee.

8:04 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Whatever cd I grab on the way out of my room....

10:50 PM


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