Sunday, September 11, 2005

humpty dance

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (pops)

Today, on this day of national mourning, we all need to remember the words of the great prophet Humpty (Shock G).

I did nothing of note today. I played Scrabble a lot, as I found a nice freeware version of it. I read a guide on Ninjitsu. I listened to a lot of Digital Underground.

My main message board, DVDVR, got hacked twice in one weekend, so that put a damper on things. Luckily the admin team is awesome, so the board was back in action in less than half a day each time. That makes the third time in the past month that the board's been hacked. Maybe it's getting too popular for it's own good?

On my TiVo, I've got six hours of lucha to watch, plus the MTV ReAct concert and the Dawn of the Dead remake. Anyone for popcorn and a night of crazy Mexican wrestling, propagandized music, and semi-cheesy horror?

Anyone know where to get an MP3 of the Foos doing "Born on the Bayou" from Friday? None of my usual haunts have it, and I'd prefer to not spend any time searching.

You know, my life isn't nearly exciting enough for daily updates. The music videos are nice, though.

I've had the very beginnings of a headache since I woke up yesterday. Not a full-blown headache, but just that slight pull around the back of your head and above your eyes. I have a feeling a migraine is coming my way. Both my parents get migraines, and most of my extended family does too. When you hit 18 or 19, you suddenly start getting massive migraines, but not frequent enough to really go on any medication. I haven't had one yet, so I'm overdue.

I think I'm going to go clear some space on the TiVo, then go put gas in my car for the upcoming week. Such a fun existence.

Peace, and chicken grease.


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