Monday, September 12, 2005

reasons why

Nickel Creek - Reasons Why (pops)

I now know the true meaning of college. I am currently procrastinating on a one-page paper assigned today in Psych. We watched what I believe to be the stupidest video in the history of recorded media, "Mind Talk: The Brain's New Story", then were told we had a reaction paper to write by Wednesday.

It's not the assignment, it's the spirit of the assignment. We're not really learning anything by giving our reactions, and as long as we put something down, it can't be wrong, because it's our reaction, also known as our opinion. If this were a writing class, I'd say okay, but this is psychology and psychology does not exist on the foundations of creative literature.

So the true meaning of college is procrastinating on an assignment you think is stupid but have to do to keep your GPA up.

That and binge drinking, if you go to the right school. University of Georgia, I'm looking at you.

DVDVR got restarted completely (the hack caused a failed upgrade, and the failed upgrade wiped all of the information from the database.) There are backups still in existence, but they can't be (easily) ported over. Bummer for Sweetser and Skyfire Hosting.

I think I'm going to skip watching wrestling entirely tonight. I don't know what it is, but WWE doesn't hold my interest for very long anymore. Too much Lucha and UFC, I guess. I'm just not as entertained by WWE as much as I used to be. Now I devour any knowledge about lucha or MMA, but I could care less about mainstream wrestling.

My copy of Playboy arrived in the mail today. "Girls of the Pac 10".

What's sad is I DO read it for the articles. The girls are nice, but they're not real. They've been run over by the Adobe truck so many times they don't have any uniqueness to them that real women have. Plus, they're by and large entirely too skinny. I hate to drag a FARK cliche in, but some of these girls need a sammich because they have sharp knees.

Carlin's interview is great, because he doesn't bullshit about being an addict. He realizes that it's a struggle every single day, but he doesn't make himself out to be the Prodigal Son or anything. He's not a hero because he quit drinking, and he knows it.

I should really apply to be an airbrush artist for nudie mags. I could do a great job. Shit, I even airbrushed my own senior picture proofs, and they actually made me look semi-attractive. If I can do that, working for a skin mag should be no sweat.

By the way, who writes the profiles for the Playmates? No one believes for a second the girl actually likes moonlit walk on the beach.

I'm done. Email me or leave a comment. Complaints will be dealt with swiftly, although probably not in a manner you'd like. Specifically, I see a "BALEETED!" sign in your future.


Blogger Kate said...

Thought 1-I only know first names of kids in my classes, so unless your last name is their first name, its a no go with that. If you want I'll email you the teacher's name, then delete the email and claim no knowledge of sending it.
Thought 2-As far as the drama is concerned, I definitely think that I got enough of that in my last relationship to last a life time. I'm pretty set on the drama front until Im close to 21.
Thought 3-Your question sucked. I came up with intellegent, thought-provoking questions. Boo Hiss on you

10:02 AM


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