Tuesday, September 13, 2005

radio gaga

Queen - Radio Gaga (live) (pops)

This video is perhaps the most awe-inspiring performance by one person in the history of rock music. Freddie Mercury is, bar-none, the best live performer to ever grace this planet. He is pure charisma prancing on a stage. It's the coolest thing in the world to see that many people in the audience all moving in unison, under the spell of this one flamboyant man. Watch it and be amazed.

Today was a short day. (I know what you're thinking, every day is a short day when you've only got two classes.) AmGov was normal, but I've got a paper to write by Thursday on the function of committees in Congress, or some such mess like that.

Music Appreciation lasted ten minutes. For me, anyway. Fifty question multiple choice test, easy as anything. He said we could leave after we got done, so I did.

I acquired a full set of the Rifts RPG sourcebooks. Too bad all the hardcore RPG'ers I know are either in Rome or Carrollton. The back story is really interesting. You could write several novels in the space of just one sourcebook, and there's almost a hundred sourcebooks. I need to invest in some quality dice (D4, D8, D12, D20) to get anywhere with actual roleplaying, though. Also, it will cement me as Alpha Geek in these parts.

Tonight I'm either going to go to bed early or stay up for an extra hour or two and write that paper. I got the Psych paper done yesterday in about an hour, so this shouldn't take me but about that long.

Have I mentioned I've been steadily losing weight for about two and a half months now? It's not a huge amount, but I've lost a couple pant sizes and I can fit into some of my older t-shirts better. I'm not svelte by any means, but the slow rate of dropping means I can probably keep it off easier. I just eat smaller portions and park farther away than I used to, nothing more. I don't eat as much fast food, and I cook more often.

I'll end on a good note. Anybody up for a debate on Congressional law? Parcheesi, maybe?


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