Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Buzzcocks - Jerk (pops)

I'm in a really shitty headspace right now. (Family drama, no I don't really want to go into it on a public forum like this. Email me if you truly want to know, but I still may not tell you. Let's just say living with a manic depressive is not fun on the best days, and these are days are far from the best.)

At least the soothing pop-punk sounds of the Buzzcocks are always there, right?

Wait, did I say "soothing"? Well, in a late-1970's British DIY melodic thrash kind of way, yes they're soothing. Suffice to say, you NEED to get your hands on a copy of Singles Going Steady, their American greatest-hits compilation.

Speaking of music, I still haven't gotten around to listening to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. It's sitting there, but I don't have the energy to hit play after writing too many papers this week.

I read through the guides to the Marvel Universe RPG from 2003. The rules seem super-easy to follow, but you have to know an immense amount of backstory to get any real enjoyment out of it. No one around here is the right combination of RPG geek and comics nerd to appreciate it, save me. And I'd have to be the GameMaster (the Marvel version of DungeonMaster), and I don't want to be GM. Being GM is too much like work.

Guess who I found on Facebook?

Whit Lanning.

He had the saving grace of getting out of Winder a few years ago, but now he's in college and we all have fairly reliable modes of transportation. I demand we organize a road trip to Buies Creek, North Carolina and rescue him from the oppressive Cackalackians. BYOB.

Well, I'm done for the day. I'm going to go study (read: look at porn), then go to bed.



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