Friday, September 23, 2005

the distance

The Distance - Cake (pops)


All of the public schools in Georgia are out on Monday and Tuesday, since Governor Perdue decided to take an "early snow-day" to save gas and electricity in the specter of Hurricane Rita.

All of the public schools, that is, but the public universities.

That includes all of the University System of Georgia, which include Abraham Baldwin, the University of Georgia, and (oh yeah,) Gainesville College.

Stupid Board of Regents.

At least no one will show up on those days, including the teachers.

One of my teachers has three school-age kids in a two-working-parent household, and both parents are employed by the USG. My professor works at GC, while his wife works at UGA. Odds are that one of them will have to stay at home. Did I mention that the wife is department chair? So there's a good chance I won't have to get up as early Monday.

I took a nerd/geek/dork test, and the results came back "yes". So I'm all three.

I took a "which general are you" test, and it said I was ruthless yet tactical, so I'm Scipio. Go me.

I offer this challenge to my readers: I will take any online quiz (that doesn't require payment) that you present to me, so long as you're willing to take it along with me and compare results. I will take absolutely any quiz.

So I'm going to either stay up and listen to the Ramones' Anthology I've got sitting here, or I'm going to go to sleep.

The smart money's on "sleep", at +200.


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