Monday, September 26, 2005

in the air tonight

In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins (pops)

I guess things are okay. I haven't really done anything today, save go to class and eat dinner.

I watched the new Strongbad E-mail. I want a "This is not a The Geddup Noise t-shirt" t-shirt, purely for ironic value. Also, someone buy me a "Kick the Cheat" doll, since they're selling them again at the HSR store.

The one thing I miss about high school is the frequency and length of the vacations. They're out two days this week, then go to class three days, then they're out all of next week. Meanwhile, we get two days off week after next.

But I guess that's more than made up for in the fact I only go to class an average of two and a half hours a day.

One of the things I always complained about in high school was that it seemed like you did absolutely nothing about 70% of the time, and I hoped that would change in college. No such luck, as it seems we do nothing for about 70% of class, and the other 30% is still mindless busy work.

I thought when we got to college the classes would be more engaging, more interactive. Nope, the videos are just more boring and obtruse.

Then again, I don't think I could exist without complaining about something, so there you go.

I think I'm done for now. Unless there's a huge public outcry (doubtful, to say the least), I'll space the updates further out for a little while.

p.s., should I start podcasting? I've got a killer MP3 collection, and listening to a thirty-or-forty-minute setlist programmed by me could be a completely mind-expanding experience. Then again, Joey has even more material to pull from, so he could probably do a better podcast. Just a thought.


Blogger Kate said...

Thought 1-No podcasting
Thought 2-More updates. I need something to read when I should be in class.
Thought 3-I started to say that classes get better once you progress in your major. Then I pondered my Hist 4073 class (4000 level being highest you can go as an undergrad) and the test today. One of our honest to goodness questions was "The President of the Confederacy:_________" Oh well. At least I'll make an A this semester in something.

10:53 PM


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