Tuesday, June 13, 2006

living proof

Cat Power - Living Proof (pops)

I now have three EDIT: four kittens.

They are the cutest things ever.

But in about six weeks, they will have to go somewhere else.

I need someone (or someones) to take these cats off of my hands.

Locals only, and a good home is necessary. I realize this excludes a great deal of my skeezy friends, but hey, them's the breaks.

One is tortoiseshell black with gold accents (like the mother), one is tuxedo orange and white, and one is EDIT: two are tuxedo black and white.

I have no clue on the sexes, but I'm guessing two females and one male.

There may be another kitten on the way, but I doubt it. I have no way of checking this, since Tom Cruise got the ultrasound machine banned from home use, so blame him.

Anyway, want a kitten?


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