Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I feel love

Blue Man Group featuring Annette Strean - I Feel Love (pops)

Short version of the day:

School was okay. I know a couple of people in there, and it seems to be a fairly decent class.

The cat is going to have those damn kittens any hour now. Probably tomorrow while I'm at school and the 'rents are at the cardiologist's office.

"The Woodsman", which I watched yesterday, is a really good movie. It may be the most uncomfortable movie ever, just for the way it makes you feel, but a really good movie nonetheless.

I figured out I have a slight case of "venous hum", where I can hear my own heartbeat through my ears. Volume comes and goes, but it's always there. I'm mostly able to ignore it. I've always had it, but now I know there's a name for it. Huzzah!

Long version of the day:

You're not getting a long version. You're lucky you're getting this little bit. You try to appease a pregnant, inconsolable cat for most of the day, plus work in school and making dinner, and still have time to tell stories on the internet.

See you sometime this week, hopefully.

Also, want a kitten?


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