Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the adventure

Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure (pops)

Note to Tom DeLonge: If you're going to do the whole "emo anthem rock" thing, get a decent singer. The snotty "punk" (term used loosely) accent works for, well, snotty "punk", but not for what you're trying to do here. There's nothing wrong with getting other people to sing your songs, and sometimes it really makes a difference.

Also, you'd get rid of the Blink 182 weight hanging around your neck, but I kind of figure you're banking on the lost, wandering, confused fans of Blink to make up your fanbase too.

Normally, right about here I'd throw in something about "selling out", but hey, you can't sell out twice.

Then again, I'd love to even have the opportunity to sell out. I figure I could be completely bought for $10,000 and a half-decent deli tray.

Anyway, rant mode over. I never really liked Blink 182 in the first place, but I figure I need to fill up space somehow.

Nothing much is happening here. Summer after June is going to be fun, what with three people and a pregnant cat all cooped up in a singlewide. We're already getting on each other's nerves. Lucky that there'll only be about a month of that before school starts back.

Speaking of which, the cat's probably going to drop those kittens within a week or two, so get your orders ready. I know you want a kitten or two or three.

I'll try to put up pictures of them so I can more easily entice you to get one. Free to good home, plus shiping and handling. C.O.D.'s accepted with two forms of I.D.

(Does anyone actualy accept C.O.D. anymore? All I ever see is "Sorry, no C.O.D.'s.")

(I'm enough of an English nerd to wonder about the proper order a parenthesis, quotation mark, and a period should go in. It's sickening.)

So for the rest of the week, I'll be porn-proofing a laptop for a relative (to keep her hubby in line), grocery shopping, and working on the LuchaWiki.

Won't you go take a look on the LuchaWiki, and marvel at how I now know all 31 Mexican states by heart?

Yeah, that'll get me laid.


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