Tuesday, May 16, 2006

caught in a mosh

Anthrax - Caught In A Mosh (pops)

Well, how've y'all been?

I've been good. I haven't done all that much, but that's not new.

I spent the majority of the day either looking for the cat or updating the LuchaWiki.

Speaking of which, you should totally go over there and look around. It's cool if you're even the least bit interested in lucha libre. More importantly, it's a testament to nerd-dom at a dangererously high level.

I spent half the day trying to research the Samoan wrestling family tree, which consists of four main branches (Afa, Sika, Junior, and Vera) and about a half-dozen scattered groups. Fun, fun, fun.

The great thing about doing so much research and coding is that I can do wiki coding without thinking about it now. I now need to think about doing HTML, whereas previously it was the other way around. I had to stop myself from putting double brackets around every key word in this post.

I haven't decided whether or not to go to WBHS' graduation next week. I think if it's nice weather, I'll probably go.

It'll be nice to see some people I haven't seen in a long time, plus I'll get to actually interact with people other than my cat. Kate said something about being more social, and I think that this qualifies. Also, once a year is enough, right?

Well, that's about it. I figure I'll be right here all this week. The week after next (I think) I go back to school for a month for P.E., so I should probably get ready for all that sometime soon.



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