Thursday, April 27, 2006

all falls down

Kanye West - All Falls Down (Live) (pops)

It's almost over.

One more day of regular classes, then four (hopefully three) tests, and I'm done for a month.

I figured out my grades for the final. I need at least a 72 to get an A in Spanish, and I need to get at least a 68 to get an A in World Civ.

Communication shouldn't be a problem, but Psych will kill me if I have to take the final. I should exempt out, but if I don't, I'll at least have all week to study for it, because it's on Friday.

I need to listen to more music. I've been so busy these past few weeks that I haven't even listened to my Last.FM station in two weeks. I feel bad, because I really like music, and being too busy for it is kind of depressing.

My cat has transitioned from "all outdoor" to "outdoor when we don't feel like messing with her". So she's outside for most of the day, but she usually gets let in in the evening after dinner. She's explored the entire house (except my room, because there are too many exposed electrical playthings). We blocked off the few places she can't go, and now we just let her roam and hope she comes when she gets called.

Which is weird. She is the only cat I've ever known that comes when you call her and follows vocal commands. Most cats are too independent for that. She basically sleeps and eats all day, so maybe she figures she's got a good thing going.

Well, that's it. Tune in next week when I'm in the middle of Exams Week and I will have even less time to put anything down here than I do now.


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