Tuesday, April 11, 2006

bang and blame

R.E.M. - Bang and Blame (pops)

Today kind of sucked.

I took the massive test in World Civ, over material which, you know, she didn't teach.

It would be different if I were the only one who thought that, but I'm definitely not. An informal poll of the class says she's gone from being merely ineffectual to being actively harmful.

According to the Dilbert division of management styles, this is not a good sign. Of the four types of bosses, active evil is by far the worst. Active good is best, then inactive evil and inactive good are tied for second. So far, the Dilbert management principles haven't steered me wrong, so I continue to believe in them.

As an aside, if anyone wants to buy me the Dilbert DVD set, go right ahead. You can go through my Amazon wishlist and have it sent directly to me. The link's on the sidebar.

On the good side of today, I actually understood everything in Spanish class, and I'm to the point where I can watch the news on Univision and understand 90% of it. Don't ask me to speak Spanish, though. That, I suck at.

More importantly today, I also got my HGD paper done. Barring any final revisions the prof makes me make, I'm done except for the posterboard presentation. Since that's on the 26th, I get to kind of sail free for a while in there.

I need to work on my group presentation for Communications. I got assigned the "Art" group, and since I'm such a natural leader (*ahem*), I got to subdivide everything out so that I get to cover music. Awesome. I kind of have a background in music, so that's pretty nice. Every once in a while, it pays to take charge. Also, the other groups are kind of imploding all on their own, so my group looks a lot better in comparison. Schadenfreude for the win.

My cat (who desperately needs a new name) seems to be back to stay. She's a scrapper, and seems to win every fight with the other, not-so-friendly neighborhood cats. Hey, the other cats had their chance, but Here was the only one who came up to us to let us pet her. Therefore, she gets the food and the attention. Seems only fair. Plus, Here is by far the most scrawny of the neighborhood cats.

I think that's it. Be sure to keep reading the new-and-continually-improving LuchaWiki (link on sidebar). It's growing every day, and I'm doing my part by filling out info for the Japanese and non-Mexican North Americans. If you have any expertise, or can just copy information from Wikipedia, please help.

See you Thursday (hopefully).


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