Monday, March 20, 2006

king of pain

Alanis Morissette - King of Pain (opens in Last.FM player)

Hi everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!)

How was every little thing? I understand that Savannah was a lot of fun this year.

It's official, I did nothing over the break. I was literally voted "Least Active Vacation" in my Psych class today.

Today I went to class, hoping for no homework. I sort of got my wish, since nothing's really due, but I still have to clean up my research paper a little bit and get it to him by Wednesday. I have to write up a speech for Communications by Monday, but it should be a little bit easier since I can use the same topic as last time, with a little exposition. Technically, all he said was "you can't give the same speech". I think I could re-write the one I've got, give it a new intro and conclusion, dress up the facts a little differently, and be fine.

As far as what I did over the break, I did a lot of comic book research. (I figure, if you want to do something, do it right.) A lot of Wikipedia stuff, crosschecked as much as possible. One of the best sites I found was Christopher Priest's site, which detailed a lot of day-to-day workings of a comics writer. Plus, he's a very good storyteller, and he's always entertaining. If I were a publisher, I'd hire him in a heartbeat, and let him work on whatever he wanted to do, bar none. I've always liked his take on superheroes and, more importantly, their environment. Remember, would Superman be as intriguing without Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Lois Lane, with Metropolis in the background? The city is a character, too, and gets overlooked a lot. Supporting cast in general gets overlooked, so it should come as no surprise that cities get the bum's rush, which is a real shame.

Over the break, I think I watched a good sixteen or eighteen hours of lucha. And it was good. I'm a week away from being caught up with current US Galavision, not counting this past week. I now understand why Pierroth is awesome. He has this persona that makes you want to hate him, and a moveset that fits him. He knows how to structure a match to go with the ebb and flow of the crowd, and I could almost guarantee you he couldn't explain it if he tried. It's second nature to him. Working against Hector Garza in the caballeras match, he (along with Perrito Aguayo on the outside) made the match have the "big event" atmosphere. It wasn't a mat exhibition, and there might have been only a handful of actual wrestling moves, but they portrayed the intensity and violence of the match beautifully.

So that's about it. Comments, questions, concerns, and hate mail can all be directed to here.


Blogger heroictimes said...

definitely agree with your assessment of Priest. He has a great site, and is an always enjoyable writer.

7:51 PM


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