Wednesday, March 08, 2006

lights and sounds

Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds (pops)

I'm doing okay, I guess.

I got a bunch of grades back in the past few days.

I made an 87 on the last Spanish test, giving me a 91.23 in the class. I have no idea how it got that high, because I don't do that great on the assignments. I guess it's the lab work (which is sort of a "gimme" grade).

I made a 148/150 on my speech from Monday. Did I mention that it was about legalizing cannabis? I had to persuade the audience about something, so I picked a topic near and dear to my heart. I spent the first two minutes of the speech explaining how I don't smoke, but don't care if others do. Actually, I like being around people who smoke out, because they're much easier audiences. They'll laugh at all of my horrible attempts at humor. Plus, you get deep philosophical discussions on the structure of Twinkies.

Also, the teacher gave me an invite to a speech contest using my last speech. All I'd have to do is give that speech again. It's on the Monday after Spring Break. At 12:00. In Oakwood. There's no way I could make it from Watkinsville to Oakwood in ten minutes, so I'm out. The top prize was only $100, so no big loss.

I've got a test tomorrow in Civ, which I haven't even begun to study for. Then I've got a presentation in HGD, and I'm done for the week.

I hope beyond hope that no one decides to be cute and assign work over the break. I don't think anyone's that cruel, but if they are, you can be sure I'll be bitching about it for days. There's no need for that, because it just means resentment and more assignments to grade.

So anyway, how was your day? No, really, I want to know.


Blogger Joey said...

Ugh, I've got some stuff to do over the break....mostly reading. Also got to think of a speech topic.

3:25 PM


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