Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Gorillaz - Dare (pops)

Nothing much to report, other than the fact that my body has rebelled furiously. Sinus infections are no fun, especially when they're combined with my sinus drainage problems and burgeoning ulcer.

I spent yesterday sleeping by default, because it hurt too much to get out of bed. My sense of balance is still screwed up. I've got a headache that no amount of Tylenol can cure (and I've tried, believe me). I'm thisclose to popping a Lortab I've got leftover from my wisdom teeth extraction, just to get some real rest.

But this morning, I knew I had to get to school, because I've got a Spanish test on Thursday. So I gritted my teeth, popped some tylenol because anything stronger would have left me unable to drive, and went. I don't really remember anything besides getting back my World Civ paper (with a 100), and being really pissed at her lack of literary copmprehension. It's not that I'm this great writer, but she is completely clueless about paragraph structure, formatting, and all of the other basics of writing. I think she's spent so much time in the world of dry scientific journals that she can't handle actual writing.

Plus she tried to get us to write a paper about the role of women in the ancient Olympics. Newsflash: they didn't have a role. They had the games of Hera, so they didn't bother with the Olympics (the games of Zeus). Not everything is gender-equal, and you can't make this huge feminist point out of every little thing.

I've been listening to TMBG a lot, mainly because I can be half-conscious and still enjoy them. I think my LastFM page will show this trend to be true.

"Man, It's So Loud in Here" is the greatest song ever, or that could be the headache and nausea-induced hallucinations talking.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this one short. I've got to get up even earlier tomorrow, so I'm going to try to sleep somewhat restfully. Cards and letters can be sent to the usual address.


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