Wednesday, March 01, 2006

pressure point

The Zutons - Pressure Point (pops)

Hey kids! Math problem time!

If one (1) student at the local community college has one (1) test in Spanish 1002 on Thursday, one (1) research paper draft for Human Growth and Development due on Friday, one (1) persuasive speech in Communications to give on Monday, and one (1) PowerPoint presentation to give in the Human Growth and Development on Monday, plus he has had a massive headache that hasn't gone away for three (3) days, how much time will he have left over for the things he actually wants to do, like blogging, listening to music, and making fun of those who are different from him?

Yes, you in the back?

Correct! He will have no time for anything but work for the next five days. At the end of this five day period, he quite possibly will have a nervous breakdown and revert to a fetal state.

Any more questions?

Okay, class dismissed.


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