Wednesday, March 15, 2006

time after time

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (pops)

Nothing to report.

As in, I've done absolutely nothing this week.

I should be writing a speech, re-writing a draft of a paper, filling out a scholarship form, and reading three chapters in a textbook.

I have done none of those, and I've only got two days left to get them done.

Even when I have a vacation, it doesn't feel like a vacation, because I've still got deadlines. I almost wish we could just plow through and get more time at the end.


If it wasn't for Spring Break, the majority of us wouldn't have anything to live for. So it's probably a good thing to have.

Today I watched a bunch of movies. "Walk the Line", "Crash", and "Murderball". Let's do a quick review, shall we?

"Walk the Line" is great. It's like "Ray" (of course), but this movie doesn't try to make the protagonist look good. Johnny (for the most time during the movie) was a drug abuser, an adulterer, and an all around asshole. But he's still human, and that shows through. June isn't perfect, as you could say she stole him from Viv, and the movie doesn't try to hide that. It's about real people, and real people aren't cut-and-dry good or bad.

"Crash", on the third or fourth viewing, comes across as heavy-handed, but still powerful. If you don't get choked up watching Lara get shot at, and Daniel's reaction, you don't have a soul. It's also a good example of "real people aren't cut-and-dry good or bad", and I like that. Sadly, it also beats the viewer in the head with "RACISM IS EVERYWHERE!". I could do without so much of that. Then again, I'm a Caucasian male aged 18-34, so I'm part of the problem, right?

"Murderball" is awesome. I love the humorous, almost light-hearted approach of most of it. The movie doesn't try to say that "quadriplegics are special, and should be handled like fine china". In fact, it says the opposite: these are people, from all kinds of backgrounds, that had some bad shit happen to them once, and are just like anybody else. Plus, quad rugby is realy fun to watch.

So what did you do today?


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