Tuesday, April 18, 2006

beat of my heart

Hilary Duff - Beat of My Heart (pops)

The past few days have been a bit mixed. I'll explain.

First, I got my World Civ test back, and I somehow made a 92. I guess the power of coinflip test-taking is still alive and well.

My Spanish test has been pushed back to Tuesday, giving me five extra days to do my lab work.

My major porjects all got pushed back a day, whihc is nice.

My Psych class is canceled Friday because one of my classmates got accepted into a major regional conference for her research project, which is good because, obviously I get out of class, but also because I genuinely like her. She's a 49 year old mother of three who decided to go back to school solely because she wanted to enrich her life, and I like people like that. People who can't stand not learning are people I get along with.

I had a chance today to outline my political philosophy in one sentence. I think it's pretty nice: "I despise idiocy in all its forms." Quick, succinct, to the point.

Speaking of which, we're probably going to turn Iran into a glass parking lot before this thing's all over with, aren't we? "Exploring all options" isn't exactly comforting.

You've gotten to this point, and you're wondering, "He said it was a mixed few days. So far, I've only seen good stuff. WTF?"

Well, when you have a lot of good things happen to you at once, you know a hell of a bad thing's right around the corner. This one's a humdinger.

My cousin's cancer is probably back. He's my father's sister's second child. He had large cell lymphoma when he was eight or so, but it went away fairly quickly with chemo, and he hasn't really had any problems since. Now he's 22, and he'd been having abdominal pains for a couple days. He went to the doctor, thinking it might be his asthma, or maybe (at worst) appendicitis. Turns out, his platelet count was extremely low, and he needed to be sent to Grady as soon as possible. But thanks to the wonderful American insurance system, he's been having to wait all weekend to get in to see anyone at Grady. He was specifically told not to shave, go out, or do anything that could potentially cause him to get cut, because he could bleed out in minutes. Yet they couldn't get him to a hospital where he could see what exactly was wrong.

So the entire family's stressed out. My immediate family and my grandmother are supposed to be the only ones that know, but that lasted about a day and a half (wasn't me that leaked). Now everyone in the extended family above the age of 10 knows what's going on, and freak-outs of epic proportions are due any day.

I just hope the results for his initial tests are back soon. Not knowing is millions of times worse than knowing.

Fun times for everybody. So how was your weekend? Better than mine, I hope.


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