Thursday, May 11, 2006

white lines

Duran Duran - White Lines (Don't Do It) (remix) (pops)

Well, the satellite's back running. Turns out it was a bad coaxial cable running from the splitter to my box. I don't have to buy a new box, which is nice, but I'm still out $70.00 for the technician visit yesterday.

But you see, now if something goes wrong, I can say the tech did it and everything's covered. If I replaced the coax cable myself (which I could have done, it's not brain surgery), I wouldn't have any recourse if something went horribly wrong.

Anyway, the TV's back on in my room and I can sleep again.

In other news, we're 90% sure the cat's pregnant, so around the middle of August, I'll probably be trying to get rid of kittens. Free to a good home, first come, first serve, paid reservations accepted and encouraged. They'll either be mottled brown, tuxedo, silver, or a mixture of the two of the three, which, any way you look at it, will look really weird.

Tomorrow I'm going to finish painting the natural gas tank (in a beautiful "machinery gray"), then I'm going to climb under the house and cable tie the new coax to the phone cord, trying to keep it out of the way of any stray animals (i.e., my cat).

If anyone wants to come help, or needs to perform any state-mandated community service, come by and I'll sign your time-sheet.

I guess Saturday I'm going grocery shopping and probably taking Mom out to eat somewhere for Mother's Day. If I were a better son, I would have bought something for her, but I know I could never find anything she'd like and it's easier to just take her to a semi-nice restaurant (i.e. non fast food).

Well, I think thats it. Now I'm going to make fun of Mayorga for testing positive and losing a chunk of the biggest PPV revenue of the year, then I'm going to rewind and watch Hideki Matsui break his arm over and over. Doesn't look good for the Yankees, now, does it? I hate it for Matsui (longest consecutive game streak to start a mjor league career broken), not so much for the team as a whole.



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