Thursday, May 25, 2006

back in the mud

Bubba Sparxxx - Back in the Mud (pops)

Hey! I know people who know that guy! Well, if you live anywhere near Athens, I can just about guarantee you know someone who knows Andy. Small town mentality stays even though there's 175,000 people.

So I get the mail yesterday and there's something in there from DirecTV. I'm thinking "What are they trying to pull now?" I open the flyer up and it says, basically, call this number and tell them this code and you'll get six months free of Showtime and all of the Showtime channels (TMC, Flix, Sundance, plus all the east/west and sequentials). I (with my pessimistic mind) automatically assume there's a catch.

Well, there's no catch. Free Showtime for six months, and we didn't even do anything.

Now I'll definitely be getting another DVR for my room. "Ho-Time" doesn't tape itself, you know.

Unless it's raining or looks like it will rain soon, I'll be at graduation tomorrow. If anyone's planning a major prank, let me know so I'll be prepared.

Suggestions include spreading lime on the football field, shaving cream bombs, and hard-wiring a noisemaker into the sound system.

All of the above are essentially harmless, although that first one will mean long hours of hard labor re-sodding the field under the watchful eye of Beggs. Not exactly a pleasant way to spend a summer.

I think that's it. Drop me a line if you want to get in touch.


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