Monday, July 10, 2006

steady as she goes

The Raconteurs - Steady as She Goes (pops)

It's the Pixies doing a cover of "Hey Bulldog". What's not to like?

Or at least that's what I hear. Your mileage may vary.

So how's everybody been?

I've actually done stuff in the past few days (explaining my absence).

I've been messing with my GBA all week long, because leveling up is long and tedious.

I've been trying to wrangle kittens for most of the week, because they've reached the point where they like climbing on things, and have the energy to do so nearly non-stop. I don't have the energy to chase them non-stop, so there you go.

On Saturday, I went over to my metaphorical big sister's house and watched UFC 61. Disappointing overall. I hoped I'd get more than 1:18 of action out of that feud, and I sort of hope it's not over. I'm one of the few that agrees with Herb's decision to stop it there, though, since I'd rather the fight end a few strikes before permanent damage is incurred than a few after. Arlovski/Sylvia was just text-book UFC heavyweight plodding, and the reason American promotions get slammed about the quality of their big guys. The Axe-Murderer announcement was nice, but I'm afraid that Dana may have killed off a sizable portion of the audience with the two non-events on that card. In other news, Yves/Joe was okay for what it was, Frank Mir is officially washed up, and the Joshes put on a nice show, and too bad neither could finish the other off.

I slept over there Saturday night. It's really hard for me to sleep in an unfamiliar room to begin with, but without a TV or radio in the room it's even harder. At home, I go to sleep with my TV on, at low volume, and a fan on for white noise. So pitch black and silent is hard for me to adjust to, much less with a different bed and a weird room layout.

I also have tried to start playing bass again, since I really do enjoy it, but it seems like I never make the time to do it. My bass is comparatively hard to get to, in contrast to my mando or my acoustic, which are right in front of me.

So that's my week, sort of. Leave comments, hate-mail , and death threats at the usual address.


Blogger Kate said...

Thanks for reaffirming your existence. I can now sleep better. Who's the big sister?

6:49 PM

Blogger suplexmasta said...

My oldest cousin. Her family has always been close to mine, both physically (right next door) and otherwise, so she's more like my big sister than my cousin.

6:54 PM

Anonymous guile said...

you've got good taste in music :)..

3:00 AM


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