Sunday, July 16, 2006


Lady Sovereign - Random (pops)

Well, it's been a week.

It's about time for another post, innit?

I've been watching the Georgia primary debates, and once again I've come to the conclusion that all politicians suck, especially the old white male versions. I've been arguing with myself over which primary ballot to pick, and I think that I'm going with the Dems just because there's more "third-party style" people to pick from, those who don't really stick to the Approved Party Platform. I like the weird ones, what can I say?

And yes, if I lived in Texas, I'd vote Kinky. How can you not like Kinky Friedman? He's pro-teachers, pro-gay marriage, anti-death penalty, and has supporters like Willie Nelson and Mojo Nixon.

I've been trying to get the kittens transitioned over to solid food for the past few days. They'll nibble at the soft cat food, but only if I hold it in my hand for them.

No, they're not spoiled. Of course not.

I think every chewable item in the living room has been chewed, and every spare piece of cloth or fabric has been scratched on. Now if we could just get someone to claim three of them, we'd be in business. Two are spoken for, so if we can get that last order in, we'll be done.

Also, they signed Griffin/Bonnar for August 26th, so I'm happy. Hopefully that combined with Liddell/Babalu will make for a good card, and not the relative stinker that the last PPV turned out to be.

So, yeah, that's it, I think. Vote early, vote often, and vote weird.


Blogger StopKinky said...

Kinky's official campaign website says that "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty, but he IS 'anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed.'"

No report yet whether Bell, Perry, or Strayhorn has come out in favor of the wrong guy getting executed, but at least we know where Kinky stands on the issue of killing innocent folks.

The more interesting issue is where Kinky's website says that "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty."


If Kinky is not against the death penalty, what was he doing testifying under oath at Max Soffar's trial that he is against the death penalty? Here is how ABC news in Houston reported the issue:

Independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman testified Tuesday on behalf of a man convicted of killing three people during a robbery at a Houston bowling alley....Friedman testified during the punishment phase of Max Soffar's trial that the defendant should not be executed and questioned the evidence used to convict him.... Although he used to support the death penalty, Friedman told jurors he's now against it.

So, is Kinky lying under oath or is his campaign website misrepresenting Kinky's political views?

3:16 PM


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