Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm a loser

The Beatles - I'm a Loser (pops)

I'm both bored and stressed out. How weird is that?

I think it's that I'm being inundated by busywork, but I'm not really learning anything I consider useful, or at least in three out of four classes I'm not. HGD, I learn plenty, and it's in a subject that actualy applies to what I want to do.

Although, to be honest, if you really want to know what I want to do, it's to be a stay-at-home parent, who writes and tutors on the side. I think I'd be content raising my kid(s) and writing novels or short-stories on the side. The only problem is finding a wife who is okay with being the breadwinner while her husband is the domestic half. In this day and age, you'd think there would be more women who would be comfortable with the idea, but there simply aren't, at least in my experience. Maybe it's got something to do with growing up in the Bible Belt, but even in the liberal center (Athens), so-called "traditional" values still rule the roost.

Tomorrow, it's the start of a brand new unit in both of my classes, so I'm sure to be bored out of my skull. I'm dreading the grades for both of the tests, but hopefully they won't be back in until next week. The thing about complicated tests is, as long as it takes to take them, it takes almost as long to grade them, especially if they're subjective, like essays.

Well, I'm going to try and get some sleep. My cold is coming back, and I'm currently under the influence of some non-narcotic cold pills. I would have taken the good ones, but I've got to get up in the morning. And since I've got somewhere between nine and fifteen pages to write over the weekend, I won't get to sleep this weekend wither. I took a nice long nap this afternoon, but it will probably be the longest but of continued sleep I'll have for a while. I love college.


Blogger Joey said...

I think I'm gonna resurrect my blogger page. Tired of xanga.

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