Thursday, December 08, 2005

when a fool becomes king

The Polyphonic Spree - When A Fool Becomes King (pops)

Could you do me a favor?


Here's what you need to do: click this link a few hundred times.

Okay, maybe not a hundred.

But a few dozen, at least.

Although, I'm not going to stop you from clicking it over a thousand times.

It won't take but a minute of your time, and it'll help me win a StumbleUpon contest. I want to be the number one SU newbie, so that complete and utter strangers will shower me with accolades. You know that's always been my life-long dream ever since, like, yesterday.

And remember: this is only a test-run for the full mobilization of my army of intelligentsia. When will the full mobilization occur? Whenever I find something worthy of mobilizing my entire readership to do something. Perhaps a political cause or something.

Anyway, I took my AmGov final today. Not too bad. Tomorrow is Algebra, which might pose a small challenge.

I saw people today trade in their books at the bookstore in anticipation of not needing them again. It's always funny to see people spend $700 on books a semester, then get $15 back when they trade them in. (I actually know someone who spent that much, and you have to remember that a full semester's tuition at Gainesville is only $775.) Personally, I'll get more use out of them as bookshelf spacetakers for my classroom. It's not worth $15.

Yesterday I got the second half of one of my scholarships, so I'll have some extra spending money once I find time to go to the bank. Who wants to go on a wild, exotic shopping spree?

Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Actually, I won't see you most likely, but you will have the chance to read what I wrote. Enjoy!


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