Wednesday, November 30, 2005

alison road

No link, as my usual video site is down. Damn them.

Anyway, the best lyric ever written, for my money, is contained in this song:

So she fills up her sails
With my wasted breath
And each one's more wasted
Than the others, you can bet
On Alison Road

Deny the greatness of that. A quintessential "country" style lyric.

Though that's not even my favorite Gin Blossoms song. "Until I Fall Away", "Hey Jealousy", and "Follow You Down" are all better, not to say that "Alison Road" is bad or anything.

I've made my love of mid-90's alt-rock well-known in the past (hey, didn't I do several music essays a while back? Those were fun), so I'm going to get right to the heart of the matter:

Wait, I don't have anything to say. Nevermind.

I went to school, read Flagpole, took a math test, came home, slept for two and a half hours (I still feel what could generously be called "shitty"), made dinner (crispy oven-baked chicken with cornflake and parmesan breading - pretty good), then came in my bedroom to write this.

Last night I took some home-made cough syrup to help me sleep. Didn't work, but I didn't mind. The recipe? A jar of honey, two huge peppermint candy canes, and Jack Daniels to fill the rest of the mason jar. Set it aside in a cool dark place for two months, shake it up every couple of weeks, and at the end you have cough syrup that will either keep you from coughing, or get you buzzed enough that you don't care if you cough or not.

It smells like death warmed over, but it tastes much better. As in, really good. But it's powerful stuff, so no more than a teaspoon full.

I'm working on an Amazon wishlist, so my adoring public can buy me stuff. You know you want to. I'll probably have it done by the end of this week or the beginning of next.

Finally, look on the link list to your right and see a new site, It's a new magazine and site run by some people I know and like, so read it and see what you think. I happen to like it a lot, and it's free, so what have you got to lose?


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